Captain's Corner

Spring 2018

Registration is now open for the 2018 Fall League. Please review the captain's letter for complete details.

If you are a team captain, please fill out the team information form.

Helpful Hints for captains

  • More useful info at bottom of this page - be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom to see everything
  • Login to TennisLink with your USTA #. This will give you access to the captain's report which contains phone #s of all your players, plus phone #'s for other team captains in your division.
  • READ YOUR CAPTAIN'S LETTER. Most captain's pick up the packet, get the schedule out, put the packet down and never open it again. There is information about local league rules, playoff information, possible schedule changes, rainout information, etc. in there. It's important stuff - don't ignore it!
  • Each season is different, so be sure that you have a new team number, i.e., you cannot use the same team number in the fall and spring.
  • The Spring and Fall Adult leagues require at least 50% of the team to be rated at the designated NTRP level. (The rest of the team may be rated below NTRP level and none may be rated above.)
  • If you have managed to find a new hot shot player and that player has played in college or otherwise high level of tennis, make sure that the player is approved to play at your NTRP level. Otherwise your whole team may suffer the consequences if that player is disqualified.
  • USTA Member Services 1-800-990-8782 if you have problems with your USTA #

18 & Over
4.5 W - 3:00
4.5 M - 2:00
5.0 M - 2:00

4.0 W - 9:30
3.0 W - 6:30
3.0 M - 6:30

3.5 W - 9:30
3.5 W - 6:30
4.5 M - 6:30

2.5 W - 9:30
2.5 W - 6:30
2.5 M - 6:30
4.0 M - 6:30

3.5 M - 6:30
4.0 W - 6:30
3.0 W- 9:30


40 & Over
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
4.5 M - 2:00

3.0 W - 9:30
4.0 W - 6:30
4.0 M - 6:30

3.0 W - 6:30
3.5 M - 6.30

3.5 W - 6:30

3.5 W - 9:30
3.0 M - 6:30
4.5 W - 6:30

4.0 W - 9:30


55 & Over
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
4.0 (all) - 3:00

3.5 W - 10:00


2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.5 (all) - 9:30 and 11:00


65 & Over
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
3.0 & 3.5 (all) - 3:00



4.0 (all) 11:00
4.5 (all) 1:00

Prior number of individual matches required for a player to advance with his/her team in championship play at the State, Sectional or National Levels. No prior matches are required by CTL for participation in City championships.

Adult League, Senior League, Adult Mixed Doubles League
Combo Doubles
Senior Mixed Doubles
Super Senior
State 2 matches required, 1 default may count 1 match required, a default counts 1 match required, a default counts 0 matches required
Sectional 2 matches required, 1 default may count 1 match required, a default counts 1 match required, a default counts 1 match required, a default counts
National 3 matches required, defaults do not count
1 match required, a default counts 2 matches required, 1 default may count

A RETIRED match shall count for all participants.

For the self-rating guidelines, click here.

To APPEAL A RATING, follow these guidelines.

For a medical NTRP appeal, review the Medical Appeal Q & A, complete the medical appeal form, and have your physician complete the physician's form.

Click here to view a table with the self-rating guidelines for experienced players (teaching pros, former college and high level junior players - last revised May 2011).

Click here to Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) about medical appeals.

The Columbia Tennis League welcomes all people who play, watch, support or enjoy the game of tennis into our events, programs, membership and leadership and will not discriminate against any person on the basis of age, sex, race, ethnicity, creed, sexual orientation, color, physical condition or national origin.  Moreover, we believe that the growth of tennis hinges on effective outreach to groups that have not traditionally been heavily involved in the sport and we will actively solicit and support the participation of such groups.